Frequently Asked Questions


What information do you provide your clients?

Please direct your clients to our website ( where they can review our What to Expect document. This document is emailed to all new clients when an appointment is scheduled.

What fees can my clients expect to pay?

OVC HSC fees are comparable to those charged at other referral or specialty practices. We accept payment by cash, certified cheque (personal cheques cannot be accepted), credit card (VISA, Master Card) or direct debit. If hospitalization is needed, a deposit of one half of the high end of the estimate cost is required at the time of admission. The remaining balance is due at the time of discharge. If the original estimate is approaching the high end of the estimated amount, a revised estimate will be discussed with clients and an additional deposit required.

Do you provide client financing?

Clients requesting financial assistance will be directed to arrange independent financing. The OVC HSC does not offer financing.

Who will provide services to clients I refer?

A team of specialist veterinarians, residents, interns, veterinary technicians, agricultural assistants, animal care attendants and Phase 4 veterinary students provide OVC HSC services. As a teaching hospital, student participation is integral in-patient management. At OVC HSC discretion, a Senior Resident in the last year of their specialty program may be the attending clinician with consultation provided by a senior veterinarian as required. Indirect patient supervision by a senior veterinarian may occur at any time during a patient’s stay.

How can I assist my client with a referral to the OVC HSC?

Please direct your client to the OVC HSC website ( and to our What to Expect document. Inform your client that additional tests and lab work may be performed, or repeated, to take a special view, follow progression, or to look for changes. Please advise your clients that they should plan to spend a minimum of 60 – 90 minutes at the OVC HSC for each appointment, and longer if outpatient imaging services or laboratory data are needed. Note, same day imaging is not guaranteed and may require a follow-up visit.

How can I obtain diagnostic and treatment results for my referred patient?

Please access the referring veterinarian portal via our home page ( to view select patient medical record information.

When can I expect to receive a final post-mortem report?

Post-mortem reports can take up to 6 weeks to be completed. Please access the referring veterinarian portal via our home page ( view post-mortem reports and other lab reports.

How Can I Facilitate an Emergency/Urgent Referral?

Emergency Referral