Emergency Referral


Please call us to discuss your patient and to arrange a possible referral. If we are unable to accept a patient due to capacity or to our operational status, we are available to provide advice.

Companion Animal Hospital

Phone: 519-823-8830

Animal Cancer Centre

Phone: 519-823-8830

Large Animal Hospital & Equine Sports Medicine & Reproduction Services

Phone: 519-823-8840

Upon confirmation that we can accept your patient, please note the following:

  • Pertinent medical history including relevant test results and radiographs must be sent ahead of time via fax or email.
  • For Companion Animal Hospital patients, our Emergency Service will provide the applicable email address.
  • For Companion Animal Hospital patients, our Emergency Referral Intake form must be completed by and signed by your client and emailed to us ahead of the patient’s arrival.
  • Please inform us of your patient’s estimated time of arrival.
  • Same day diagnostic imaging is not guaranteed, (ultrasound, CT, MRI).

OVC HSC Decision to Divert

On occasion, when our resources are reaching a critical capacity, we will prioritize intake and determine acceptance of new patients accordingly.  Priority will be given to patients needing tertiary care wherein the technology or expertise to diagnose and care for a patient is only available at OVC (e.g., ventilation or dialysis) and, to our current patients with acute exacerbations of a problem requiring assessment.

For Companion Animal Hospital patients that are likely to require care or a resource that is currently at or over capacity (e.g., ultrasound), will likely be diverted to other facilities that are able to provide that care.  If your patient falls into the latter category, and the patient is stable enough to stay with your practice, then we are happy to provide advice and guidance until such time as our intake limitations improve or, referral elsewhere is required. We can also provide alternative resources or services that may be able to accept your referral.  If there are other things we can do to support your needs, please don’t hesitate to ask.