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Your Veterinary Care Team


Members of the medical team at OVC Health Sciences Centre Veterinary Specialist

  • Veterinarian, licensed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.
  • Board certified as a specialist in a particular field.
  • Supervises the medical team including Residents, Interns, Final Year Veterinary Students and Technicians.


  • Veterinarian, licensed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.
  • In training to become a board-certified specialist in a particular field, (3-4 year program).
  • Supervised by the Veterinary Specialist.


  • Veterinarian, licensed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.
  • Receiving advanced training in Medicine, Surgery, Neurology, Cardiology, Anesthesiology and Emergency and Critical Care Services, (1 year training program).
  • Supervised by the Veterinary Specialist.

Veterinary Student

  • Completing their final year in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program (studying to become a veterinarian) which requires rotations through different hospital Services.
  • Supervised by the entire medical team, final year veterinary students participate in all aspects of patient care.

Veterinary Technician

  • Graduate of a Veterinary Technician program.
  • Works closely with the entire medical team.
  • Provides veterinary nursing care for patients throughout the hospitals.
  • Provides functional guidance to veterinary students and assistance to veterinarians in the technical aspects of veterinary care.
  • May have specialized training in their Service area.

Client Services Staff

  • A customer-oriented team that provides a positive client experience from the first to the last point of contact at OVC.

Animal Care Attendants and Agricultural Assistants

  • Animal Care Attendants (Companion Animal Hospital, Animal Cancer Centre, Smith Lane Animal Hospital) and Agricultural Assistants (Large Animal Hospital) provide around the clock care for your animal.
  • They will ensure your animal has a clean and dry cage/stall, and as per the veterinarian(s) instructions, are walked frequently and fed an appropriate diet.
  • Works closely with the Veterinary Technicians.

Veterinary Social Work Service

  • Registered social worker who can provide support to OVC HSC clients as they manage difficult decisions, (quality of life assessments, treatments, decisions).
  • Provides short-term grief counselling to clients who have recently experienced the loss of an animal.