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Companion Animal Hospital:

Effective June 7th, 2021 the HSC Companion Animal Hospital will be limiting emergency admissions due to limited availability of the clinical team and availability of ICU space.  We are also unable to accept patients requiring ventilation or high flow oxygen therapy. This is anticipated to be in effect until mid July. 

If we can be of assistance to you in managing your cases or helping find the care they require please feel free to contact us.


Large Animal Hospital:






On behalf of all the clinicians and staff at the Ontario Veterinary College Health Sciences Centre Large Animal Hospital (OVC HSC LAH), we want to thank you personally for your support and referrals to our hospital.


Over the past months requests for referral to our hospital have substantially increased. This has occurred alongside unexpected staff shortages due to circumstance beyond our control. We understand that as this growth pattern continues it has also presented challenges for you and your team.


Caseload over the last days has been even exceptionally higher. Today, the OVC HSC LAH has reached the point that is not safe for our patients and staff to admit more patients into our facilities. Consequently, and unfortunately, we feel obliged to take the difficult decision to, effective immediately, close the OVC HSC Large Animal Hospital temporarily for new patients/referrals, including those ones requiring emergency care. This closure is for a minimum of 24-28h, and a decision to open again will be assessed carefully considering our operational status.


Please note that an alternate source for care is Saint-Hyacinthe Veterinary Medical Center at the University of Montreal, Quebec. Their contact number is 450-778-8100.

We have the best interest of patients at our heart to provide safe and sustainable patient care. Please note that we are constantly reassessing possible solutions or improvements to minimize the impact of these challenges on our team and for you and your clients/patients. 


We thank you sincerely in advance for your understanding and support.



Dr. Jeff Wichtel, Dean

Dr. Stephanie Nykamp, Associate Dean Clinical Program

Dr. Luis Gaitero, Chief Medical Officer OVC HSC

Dr. Judith Koenig, OVC HSC LAH Clinic Head



June, 2021 Due to limited resources the OVC HSC is no longer able to accept referral for ophthalmology cases.  



We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Dr. Stephanie Nykamp, Associate Dean Clinical Program 


 Last updated: 2021-06-10