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OVC Companion Animal Hospital & Animal Cancer Centre

Please submit the OVC HSC Hospital referral request form by fax to 519-763-1276 or by email to or, call us at 519-823-8830. The referral form must include a succinct summary of your patient’s current medical history. Please include copies of your patient’s recent imaging, and laboratory results with the referral form.

We will contact your client to schedule an appointment and discuss the initial consultation.

Please note that our Internal Medicine and Oncology Services see new patients via telehealth video or telephone call only. An in-person appointment at the Companion Animal Hospital will be scheduled following the initial remote-consult visit as applicable.

OVC Large Animal Hospital

Please submit the OVC HSC Referral Request form by fax to 519-763-9544 or by email to or, call us at 519-823-8840. Alternatively, submit your request via the following link:

OVC Fitness & Rehabilitation Services (FAR)

Please submit the OVC Far rehabilitation referral form link here

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