• Mar 14 2020

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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Pet

    The outbreak of the respiratory disease, COVID-19, caused by a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), first detected in Wuhan City, in China, has now become a global pandemic. …

  • Mar 13 2020

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  • Feb 26 2020

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    Coronavirus and your Pet

    With the number of coronavirus cases increasing in China and around the world, pet owners are left wondering if their beloved furry family members can be infected by the virus. Presently, there has…

  • Feb 13 2020

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    Valentine’s Day Treats to Keep to Yourself!

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! A day to celebrate love–whether with your partner, family, or your four-legged friends! While Valentine’s Day is filled with treats, including chocolates, candies,…

  • Feb 06 2020

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    Not all Superheroes Wear Capes!

    If you tuned in to watch Super Bowl LIV this past Sunday (and who didn’t?!), not only did you see an exciting championship game with the Kansas City Chiefs mounting an incredible comeback in the…

  • Jan 30 2020

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    February is Pet Dental Month!

    When teaching young children to brush their teeth, there are lots of strategies to help them develop good dental habits. Rhymes, songs, appealing toothpaste, and fun toothbrushes with their favorite…

  • Jan 23 2020

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    Change a Pet’s Life Day!

    Tomorrow is Change a Pet’s Life Day! What better way to celebrate than to take a “paws” and consider ways that you could change a pet’s life! …