Saying Goodbye

As pet owners we do not like to think of the day when we must say goodbye to our beloved animal companions. We are never quite prepared for the loss.

At the Health Sciences Centre we make every effort to support and assist you during this time. We know when you are faced with challenging, stressful decisions during the time of crisis, you may find it difficult to separate emotions during decision-making.

Loss comes in different ways and affects us all differently. It can help to talk to someone about your thoughts and feelings. When you are in the middle of these situations, our veterinary clinicians and our clinical counselor, Bojena Kelmendi are available to support you.

At OVC we provide to support you in the following ways:

  • Relevant to medical treatments and end-of-life matters
  • Resources around topics of grief, euthanasia, pet loss and more and can direct callers to further support networks if needed.
  • Meetings with our clinical counselor
  • Access to our monthly Pet Loss Support Group

We know that in the end only you can decide what the best options for your pet are and we are here to answer your questions and listen to your decisions.

Considering euthanasia

Helping you make decisions  

The healing process

Suggestions to help grieving